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I guess you need some untapped information about how to build an website with no cost and how to host it on the internet for free.

This is it.

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Free Website Builder and Free Internet Hosting

In a couple of minutes you may have a website like this one.

Well, I had a lot of time and I also learned how to do things in the old html language. I cannot say I am the best, but I know how to find things on Google and copy and paste them.

In nowadays, video is king. If you want to make money online you have to know how to make a great video and how to use it to get a lot of views and so to become viral.

I have here for you some good free software that will allow you to make good videos for Facebook or even Twitter.

To make a good video all you have to do is to take advantage of the videos that others already made. So, on Youtube there are a lot of videos that you may use, but you have to change them so that your final movie to looks a little different.

These videos that you are allowed to copy and change are called Commons and you may find them on Youtube.

Please watch this short presentation to find out all you need to know about Commons videos.

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How To Use Commons Videos on YouTube

Well, do you like my video from my Blog first webpage?

If you do, I have to tell you that is made using a free recording software called Loop and you are able to use it for free if you click on this link from below.

Record Your Video Like a Pro

If you need to download a video from Facebook, use this link:

Facebook Video Downloader

If you need to resize an image or to make a GIF, use this link:

Resize Image & GIF Maker

If you like or need to make a Sketch Video, that kind of video where there is a written text that is read by someone and where you are able to add also videos inside, I am giving you a Free Sketch Software.

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Here are some free tools that you may need.

First of all, a free way to make your perfect banner:

A free website where you are able to Resize an Image, Make a GIF, PDF to JPG, MP3 Cutter Password Generator Compress JPEG:

If you will need to downlaod a video from your Facebook, use this free tool:

Than, after you will make your website, all you need is TRAFFIC.

I want you to open your mind and find here a lot of useful FREE stuff that are able to help you getting the traffic you need.

The first one is a way to rank your Youtube video on the first page of Google on Specific Keywords

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Bringing a Video in The First page of Google

How to get a lot of FREE Traffic to your newly website?

I found a couple of ways...

Would you like me to show them to you?

Are you Ready?

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I found a platform "from the future" called MarketHive


Markethive is a commensurable dynamic integrated amalgamation

of a social network like (Facebook, LinkedIn)

and Inbound Marketing platforms like (Hubspot and Marketo)

and commerce portals like (Ebay and Amazon)

all in one incentivized, gamified and powerful secure blockchain platform.

Look what things you can do with it, freely.